Open Mic @601 Tully St.

This open mic is temporarily halted. We are grateful to our friends at 601 Tully for the opportunity to bring poetry to the NearWestSide and will keep you updated on details. Join us for other open mics!

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Open Mic @Transitions 658 N. Salina St.

Every 3rd Thursday of the month, something for the adults. Head to Transition 658 on North Salina Street for lounge-style night life poetry. This audience is growing and so is the talent pool.

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Writing Workshop @601 Tully St.

Every 2nd Saturday of the month, we want the writers! We get down and we write, we workshop, we sometimes even cry. It's serious and at 601Tully St. This Writing Workshop is beautilful, safe space, exploration, writing and performing.

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We Wanna Know About Your Experience at Underground?

We Wanna Know About Your Experience at Underground?

We love to share with others what poetry has done in our lives. Tell us your story. You never know who you may help or inspire.

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